We are excited to bring you an opportunity to be involved directly with the students in a new program called “Parent Presence”. There are times during the three lunches (10:45 – 12:15) Monday thru Thursday and (10:00am - 11:10am) on Fridays where there simply is not enough staff members available to be able to supervise the students outside and in the available gyms.  The result is a commons room and library full of kids with pent up energy that would like to be outside or in the gym playing games. 

Parent Presence will ensure that the students have options on where they spend their lunch “recess”. There will be a training meeting in November once all the volunteers are in place.  Teams of two(2) parents each day will check in with the office for their location assignment, and be issued walkie-talkies. The parent volunteers will be the supervision and adult presence in their assigned area (i.e. Outside, Gym or Commons).  

Our kids need you so they can enjoy some time outside of the school or in the gym during their lunch recess.  VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Thank You for your support!

PTSA Board